Television During The 1980s

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Have you ever thought about what television was like when cable was first created? Or when it only had three channels? When television was first created, not many people had cable, or a lot of channels to watch. The nineteen eighties television greatly influenced how people see the world today. The 1980s was a great time in history. For example, “ [...] the US enjoyed vast economic growth in the 1980s” (McKenzie 1). This shows that the main reason the 1980s are known is for the large economic growth. It had a great impact on the 1980s. Furthermore, “[...] took a roller coaster ride during the 1980s” (Calkins 1). This explains that, there were some of the greatest points in time, and there were some of the worst moments. The 1980s was both…show more content…
For example, “the MTV aesthetic during its golden age of 1981 to 1992 [...] influenced not only music but network and cable TV, radio, advertising, film, art, fashion [...] even politics” (Marks, Craig, and Rob Tannenbaum 1). MTV encouraged teenagers, and society around them. It was a smashing hit that influenced how we have TV today. “Billboard” mentions, “1984 ‘Top Video Countdown’ debuts” (1). This helped the teenagers find what kind of music they enjoyed. MTV took the most popular songs teenagers liked and created a countdown, which pleased their audience. Finally in, “1986 ‘Dial MTV’ the first viewer request show debuts” (1). MTV got more creative, and let the teengers pick the music. This satisfied the teenagers because they felt like they had the control of picking the music they wanted to hear. MTV opened many doors for new networks to…show more content…
Therefore, “on February 28, 1983, 106 million Americans watched the final episode of M*A*S*H* [...]” (Condon, Moffat, and Pearlman 190). This shows that M*A*S*H* was the start of a new world of sitcoms. Little did they know, the television world was greatly influenced by the TV show M*A*S*H*. Furthermore, “[...] The A-Team [..]. It was so successful, in fact, that any discussion of 1980s popular culture is incomplete without its mention” (324). This tells that when people think of the 1980s, they think of The A-Team. Beyond the 1980s, television was not the same because of The A-Team. Finally, “ [The Cosby Show] a show that helped define the 1980s and reinvigorated the family sitcom” (342). The Cosby Show showed that not every family is perfect, which attracted all crowds. This became themes of many sitcoms through the years. The 1980 sitcoms were just the start for splendid television to
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