Television Is The Worst Invention Essay

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Television: The Worst Invention

In this modern time, television is the most popular invention in the world. Every family has television at their home. Watching television become a part of our daily life for getting entertainment, information, advertisement and so on. Mostly, people spend time to sitting in front of television. Because, it shows that varieties of program on television 24 hours a day and people are searching new things to watch. However, in this essay I will argue that television is the worst invention in the modern world as its negative effects such as wastage of time, spreading wrong information through advertisement, and violence TV shows impact human behavior severely.
The first negative effect of watching television
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By broadcasting the advertisement on television, manufacturer want to show that their products are best or popular. However, television only broadcasts for selling their product. The advertisers make plan before making the product that how can convey the consumer. This is to target a principles age group and attract that particular group to sell their product. For example, the television manufacturer make products for the children such as video games, cube games, toys and so on. After that, children watch those advertisements and they demand those product to their parents. When parents do not give the toys the try to pressure their parents to get that products. Also, the consumers can only watch advertisement, but they do not know the quality of that products. However, it impacts on the adult mind because when adults are watching advertisement on television at home then it is influence them to buy the product. As a result, adults start looking for those products in different market one place to another place. When they see those product directly then they find that the product quality is not good as what they have showed on the television
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