Television Negative Effects

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To start with, children grow and learn from what occurs around them and what they see or what they do. In today’s world, children’s most common hobby is to watch TV or to play video games which involve shooting or killing, crimes and many more violent acts. Today, television plays a large role in a child’s social and emotional development. There have often been discussions as to whether television does more harm than good. Many have been analyzing the effects that adult shows, as well and children’s shows may have on children. Parents need to be much cautioned with what their children watch on television since children learn and catch up with things very fast. Many parents let their children watch kid’s shows without really knowing what is/might be in them. Most people ask “how can cartoons like Tom and Jerry, in which a cat hunts a…show more content…
He suggested this because he saw this on television the previous night. These two real life incidents clearly show how television had affected the two Childs’ behaviour and how violent their thoughts had become, just because=use of what they watched on TV. Media violence is one of the major problems in our world today. Many people are looking forward to end this issue whereas others are just ignoring the issue and hoping that it will somehow just vanish, and other people are trying to convince America that TV does not affect a child’s behaviour or thinking. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), kids who watch too much television, more than 4 hours a day, are more likely to be overweight and obese. Another effect of watching violent acts on TV on kids is that it will make the kid behave more aggressively. These studies and incidents come to a conclusion that television does actually affect the behaviour of a child no matter what show the kid is
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