Television: Positive Or Negative?

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Influence of development in television:
Positive or Negative?
"Today, the average American watches close to four hours of TV each day and The average U.S. home has the TV on more than 51 hours a week."(whittaker). Among the numerous new medias such as social network service(SNS), Internet and mobile service, television is specially used as a popular new media. As a society is focusing on interaction through media, a lot of kinds of programs covered in television is also being noticed more and more and finally supported as a massive and influential media. In spite of television’s suitability in now society, some negative positions about television are being emerged because of it’s bad impacts for people. However, as benefits of television are
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Espeacially for youth, it is selected as main health disrupter because "TV viewing is probably replacing activities in your child' s life that you would rather have them do (things like playing with friends , being physically active, getting fresh air, playing imaginatively, doing chores)."(University of Michigan Health System’). They assert that the more time children spend on watching television, the less time children can be included in their real lives. Thus less active movements can be resulted as deficiency in youth’s health development. On top of that, obesity is also related to watching televisions. According to some research there is significant association between the number of hours of television watched per day and body fat mass, with every extra hour/day spent watching television associated with a 2.2 pound increase in body fat (‘Watching TV Leads to Obesity’). Thinking of ordinary people who usually watch television while eating some snacks just sticking in front of television, it is natural to gain weight. In other words, less movements and more snacks caused by television can impact humans as a serious enemy of…show more content…
(‘What Is Information Society? - Definition from’)
As people want information which is correct and fast, they need a media between them and information area-television. Such as quiz shows, journey shows, documentary, all of these are transmitting enormous range of information to us. As it is suitable for information society’s media, it is being used in variety ways in real life.
First of all, "Television Viewing has become portion of daily life in today's world." (TED). In everywhere, televisions are easily seen which are covering news or variey shows and so on. In people’s lives, television is now act as their friends who are both helpful and pleasing for people. Also, as television uses in education allows multiple teaching approaches, improves flexibility in classrooms and provides access to current information, television has became an essential classroom technology (DeLoatch). It means that people now acknowledge the importance of using television for children. In these ways, television is being widely used as perfect social
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