Television: The Negative Effects Of Television On Children

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Television has appeared as an entertainment medium in people daily life for nearly a century, from black-and-white television to color television, and these days, television has become one of the most indispensable media devices in every home. Regarding the development of television, there are various concerns about effects of television on children. According to some opinions, they assume that television is one of the factors harmful to children. However, if people look at the effect of television from a different angle, television could be a good device contributing to complete children’s growth. From watching television, they can attain benefits from watching television in obtaining relaxation, valuable knowledge and inspiration in life.
Many people believe that television is probably one of the main sources of entertainment for children. There are a lot of programs specially designed for children to help them find the enjoyment after a hard studying day at school. To take one example, children could imitate the characters’ actions and sing along with their favorite songs on Sesame Street so that they can enjoy themselves with not only lively colors and songs but also lovely characters. In addition, to some extent, children are often fond of watching cartoons with friends on television in their free time, which could help them have a good chance to spend more time with friends and discussing their favorite cartoons to each other. According to Chambers et al. (1998: 39),

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