Essay On The Influence Of The Internet On Television

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How the internet has affected television

The internet has been a marvelous invention for the everyday man. It lets us connect with other people like never before, and it has given us access to numerous different and advantageous features, but for some corporation’s it’s been fruitless. With access to illegal pirating, free streaming sites, and other ways to consume entertainment for free, television sales have gone downhill. There is also a great deal of cheaper options compared to normal television, like YouTube, Netflix, and HBO where people can watch their favorite shows and movies whenever they want with little to no commercials. Even most TV radio stations have cancelled due to the straightforward way of listening to music through the internet on your, phone, tablets, and computers. Television itself is becoming obsolete compared to the vast number of things you can do and watch on the internet.
Television has gone a long way from be necessitated to sit at home in your couch and following a strict schedule to watch TV to being able to watch whatever you want whenever you want from anywhere in the world, on your phone, tablet, or pc, thanks to different streaming services. If a person want to watch a specific scene or a highlight from a show they surely don’t want to sit on
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Young people hardly even watch television at all anymore. The internet has integrated everything that people liked about television, movies, TV shows, and music and made it better, more accessible, and easier to use all in one place. Not even that, people can watch episodes of their favorite shows whenever they want, instead of following a schedule which the television used to have. There are also millions upon millions of entertainment videos found on YouTube, from skits, to lets plays to anything you could possibly imagine. Television is really a ghost of the past, compared to everything the internet has to
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