Television's Influence On The Civil Rights Movement

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The introduction of television in common american life made an influential impact on politics, consumerism, and especially civil rights. Although the civil right movement was greatly influenced by television helping to gain support for civil right for african americans. The civil rights movement gained momentum in the late 1950’s into the early 1960’s, growing in popularity with the decision of Brown v. Board of education, activism helped aid this movement. Television, on the other hand made the movement a relevant topic that the media could no longer ignore or speculate. The role of television shaped public opinion to favor civil rights which was one of many contributors to the success of the movement during this time. To be more specific, civil…show more content…
preached equality with unarguable reasoning. Even President John F. Kennedy televised a speech advocated equality for all races, pleading for the country to accept desegregation and put an end to prejudice. Kennedy also mentioned asked congress to enact voting rights along with equal opportunity to all Americans regardless of their race. The President urging the public to accept the courts rule on the desegregation of schools, supporting civil rights, and favoring equality which positively influenced public opinion towards the movement. Another for instance, the March on Washington was intended to pressure the government to once and for all pass an equal rights law for all races, though the president refused to acknowledge the protesters. Despite this, the protest made the public question if the government's intended to give african americans equal civil rights as promised by Kennedy a year earlier. King's, “I have a dream” speech inspired many to support civil rights, not to mention it was the highpoint in the movement at the time with the most public
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