Telework Case Study

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Telework Nicholas M. Curry University Maryland University College References Moon, N. W., Linden, M. A., Bricout, J. C., & Baker, P. M. (2014). Telework rationale and implementation for people with disabilities: Considerations for employer policymaking. Work, 48(1), 105-115. doi:10.3233/WOR-131819 In the early 1990s people with disabilities were the focus of a study which involved telework as a possibility for people with disabilities. With the developments that have occurred since that time, telework is even easier to implement not just for people with disabilities but also for the common workforce. In order to properly implement the telework program, just like with any program, specifics of the program should be documented. Strategies on how…show more content…
When implementing aspects of telework ensuring that the organization will not be at fault legally is important. When justifying which employees will be allowed or denied telework capabilities ensure that the reasons are substantiated and documented. Document and create policies that justify telework conditions and accommodations. Alizadeh, T. (2013). Planning implications of telework: a policy analysis of the Sydney metropolitan strategy. Australian Planner, 50(4), 304. doi:10.1080/07293682.2013.764906 Just wanting to implement telecommunications capabilities for an organization isn 't enough. An organization must properly plan for implementation and ensure that the policies are written in a clear and concise manner for understanding at all levels of the organization. Ensure that the policy allows for growth with the future Information Technology capabilities. Research and plan accordingly for proper implementation of telework capabilities, keeping all laws and regulations under

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