Tell Me About Amir's Birthday And Blood Money

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“Nine” 1. Tell me about Amir’s birthday and “blood money”. Amir got a bunch of gifts for his birthday. He got a camera, a radio, a train set, envelopes sealed with cash. Amir sees these gifts as blood money because he thinks his father only threw this kind of party since he won the tournament. 2. Tell me about Hassan’s and Ali’s gift to Amir. Ali gave Amir a Shahnameh which is a hardback with glossy colored pictures beneath the passages. 3. Tell me about the hiding of presents under Hassan’s mattress. Amir went into Ali and Hassan’s living quarters. He then planted a watch and a handful of money under Hassan’s mattress. 4. Why do you think Hassan takes the blame for the theft? I think Hassan takes the blame because he wants to protect…show more content…
Soraya and Amir both attend San Jose State University. Amir is an English major and Soraya is in the teaching track. 21. What are three major events that happened in 1989? The cold war ended, the Berlin Wall came down, and the year of Tiananmen Square. 22. Discuss the situation with Soraya, Amir, and a baby. Amir tried multiple times to get Soroya pregnant but it didn 't work. Both of them went to see Dr. Rosen to see why Soraya cant get pregnant. Dr. Rosen did multiple tests and check ups with them and found out that they had a condition called Unexplained Infertility. Dr. Rosan then suggested that they do adoption. “Fourteen” 23. How did the relationship between Soraya and her father change? Soraya and her father’s relationship softened. They both went on walks, out to lunch, and sometimes the general sat in on her classes. 24. How is Chapter 14 related to Chapter 1? Chapter 14 is related to chapter 1 because in both chapters Amir gets a call from Rahim Khan telling him that there is, “A way to be good again.” “Fifteen” 25. What happened to Baba’s house after he and Amir left Kabul? Baba gave the house to Rahim Khan to keep watch over. 26. What does Rahim Khan say he is going to tell…show more content…
Churchill’s students will be grateful for having read The Kite Runner, for it is a very powerful book. 1. rickshaw, 108- a vehicle that resembles a tricycle. When Hassan and Amir skipped stones a rickshaw stirred dust in their direction. 2. mullah, 108-Title of respect for a person is sacred law Amir was describing what the mullah does at his school. 3. lucrative, 111- makes a good amount of profit Karim’s job which is driving people is a very lucrative business. 4. spasseba, 114- means thank you in russian The driver of the truck says, “spasseba” after a flick of a lighter. 5. rueful, 117- showing sorrow or regret The younger russian officer had a rueful look like a father that is mad at his son. 6. ire, 125- anger Israel used to draw the ire of Afghans who accused them of being jewish. 7. cretin, 126-a stupid person Baba thinks that Jimmy Carter is a big toothed cretin. 8. mortarboard, 131- a academic cap Amir wore a mortarboard at his high school graduation in 1983. 9. Buzkashi, 135- a sport where people are on horses trying to drag animal carcass Amir says the strip malls in his neighborhood are big enough to hold Buzkashi tournaments. 10. yelda, 143- the first night of the month of Jadi. In Afghan the longest night of the year is

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