Tell Tale Heart Literary Devices

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Tell-Tale Heart Edgar Allan Poe was an American poet, novelist and literary critic. Poe is best known for his horror stories, mystery and rare adventures such as his famous tale The tell-tale Heart. He was also considered to have contributed to the emerging science fiction genre. He was born January 19, 1809 and died October 7, 1849. Tell-Tale Heart is a story told from a third person perspective. It is about a person who is mentally ill who imagines that an old man 's eye got his blood to freeze. Therefore, he decided to kill the old man and hide his body. When the police came to investigate what has happened, he panics and admits to them that he killed the old man. But in the story the author chooses not to mention what the main character is called or neither if it was his house or not. The main character is a special person who feels crazy or mentally ill. Because he hears voices in his head. Even the way he tells this tale is strange and a good example of this was when he was nervous and spoke loudly to cover the voices he heard, but the police did not act…show more content…
There was many literary device that was used in the tale but i 'm gonna mention the most obvious ones. Such as Repetition that was used quite often, for example at the end of the tale the narrator kept saying that he killed the old man. This was used because the author wanted to add some more tension to the tale and so the reader could really experience the horror. Another literary device that was used in general was the rhetorical question which was used to get a better understanding of the narrator and how his mind works. The tales even starts with the narrator asking himself why people think that he is crazy and mad. Exaggeration was another literary device that was used in a very good way. Since the narrator did say that his senses were getting stronger and to give the reader an idea just how strong his sense have become, the narrator proceeds on saying that he could hear the sounds of heaven and
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