Tell Tale Heart Psychopath Analysis

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A psychopath is someone who has a mental disorder with no feelings with a very violent behavior. In the Tell Tale Heart, the narrator is seen as a psychopath, although he is not. Throughout the story, the narrator shows feelings to the old man he killed. He cannot get the beating of the heart out of his head because he’s showing guilt. The narrator also has a disease of some sort because he even tells the readers in the beginning of the story that he does have a disease. The narrator in the Tell Tale Heart is not a psychopath because his character traits and actions show the reader he has a disease.
In the Tell Tale Heart, the narrator told the reader “The disease had sharpened [his] senses” (Poe 89). The narrator stated his disease started the entire event he made by killing the old man. The narrator after he killed the man ‘hears’ the old man’s heart beating. That isn’t true because the old man is already dead. “It grew louder, I say, louder every moment!” (Poe 92). This is a sign of Schizophrenia because Schizophrenia means you hear things that actually aren’t there.
Before the narrator was about to kill the old man, he barely moved a
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He kept 'hearing ' the heartbeat of the old man 's heart. The narrator repeated his thoughts saying "[he] new that sound well too. It was the beating of the old man 's heart" (Poe 92). Delusions are also made by the narrator because he thinks the police officers hear the old man 's heart, although they do not. He believes "they heard!- They suspected!- They knew!- they were making a mockery of [his] horror!" (Poe 94). Delusions happen when a person believes that certain gestures or actions are specifically directed at him or her. The narrator draws conclusions thinking the police can hear everything going on around him, but it is just his thoughts in his head of all the guilt he has from killing the
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