Tell Tale Heart Thesis

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“I've heard many things in the heaven and in the earth. I've heard many things in hell”(Poe). In the story The tell tale heart, a man ends up killing his old man over his “Vulture eye”. He loved the old man. But his “evil eye” vexed him and he decided to take his life. The man placed the old man's body cleverly under the chamber’s floorboards. A disturbance was issued during the night and investigators came to the man's residence. He convinces the investigators, but.The man began to feel pale, He was starting to become nervous. The man was beginning to hear loud noise. It was the beat of the old man's heart. He couldn't take it. He tore up the floorboards and pleaded guilty. As a result, the narrator is insane and should not be prosecuted. To start off , the eye drove the narrator to insanity, which led him to take the life of the old man, The narrator does not know right from wrong. In the story, the narrator said that “For it was not the old man who vexed me, but his evil eye”(Poe). This quote from the passage proves that he is insane because he is deciding to kill someone over his “vulture eye”. A sane person would realize that killing someone over a eye is a silly, wrong thing…show more content…
In the story, the narrator says “It was the beat of the old man's heart”(Poe). While hearing a heartbeat right before killing the old man. This proves that the old man is insane, because he believes that his own nervous heartbeat was that of the old man’s. A sane person would know that the heartbeat was that of their own and would know that you can't hear a dead man's heartbeat. The narrator also said that “The sound would be heard by a neighbor”. How would a neighbor hear an old man's heartbeat all the way from where the neighbors live. Also a neighbor can not hear anold man's heartbeat through solid wall.. It is clear to see that the narrator is going crazy over his own, loud
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