Tell Tale Heart Vs Landlady

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Have you ever wanted to compare and contrast two stories? The Landlady and The Tell-Tale Heart are two very different stories. They are written in different time periods, with different styles, and have little in common. However, they also have many similarities, like how they both have suspensive and anticipating elements. This essay will compare and explain the two stories, then contrast them.

The Landlady was written by Roald Dahl, and was published in 1959. The story was written in a hospitable setting, that seems perfectly normal until the true intentions of the pleasing little bed and breakfast were revealed. The main character is completely unaware, and is at ease alone in the setting with the villain. The antagonist seems perfectly normal, though a little bit dotty, but the main character passes it off as loneliness. Later, though the side character’s complete true intentions were never foiled, the reader seems to realize what she means to do with the main character. This particular style of writing uses foreshadowing a great deal, but the most distinctive style that the author uses in this story is how he leaves the story open ended, allowing for the reader’s imagination
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One difference is that the narrator of each story has a different role, as one of them is the victim, and the other is the antagonist. Another difference is that the time-line is extensively unalike. In The Landlady, the story takes place in just one night, but in The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator describes his actions taking place in a matter of weeks. Beside those differences, there is also the way the story ends. For instance, one of the stories is left open ended, but the other is completed. The last contrast is how the setting of the story is different, like how in the Landlady, the setting is in a cozy house in the city, but in The Tell-Tale Heart the setting is in a large, creepy house in a nice
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