Tell The Truth By Barbara Ballingar: Article Analysis

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When do you think lying is okay? This essay will help you. People believe that it is okay to lie sometimes and sometimes it is not okay. What I believe is that, lying is sometimes okay only if the lie it’s protecting someone, or helping them out.

I think this way, because it will be better to do it that way, such as a white lie to protect your child. Watching tv to much is bad ,just by telling them a white lie to make them believe something that is not true.This way your child thinks something and they won’t watch the tv as often. It helps you as well , because you know they won’t watch tv as much and they would be doing something different.

The reason I don’t like certain types of lies is when it hurts someone else in a way. Some
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In one line Bok quotes “that all lies are bad because how they make you look when you get caught in the lie.” This is also what i believe in ,because it is true.Sissela also says” that it makes you lose your dignity and bad if you lie to someone who rely on you.”That why I believe in way that lying is bad all together, because she makes a valid point.

In the next article “ Tell The Truth” by Barbara Ballingar. Barbara says” it is tough not to lie but the right thing to do is just to tell the truth.” Then how he is truthful with his friends by telling them idiots when they are acting the way,and how he is not afraid to tell his friends that. She also states , that we developed a radical honesty. Which means that we like telling the truth in a different way. Which I totally disagree on because there is no such thing in a different type of telling the truth.

Those are my reasons which i believe in lying is okay when it is protecting someone or helping someone, but yet again it’s my opinion. Most of the Americans believe it is okay to lie sometimes and how sometimes it is not okay what so ever. In conclusion it’s your choice whether to lie or not, in the end make good decisions and try not to

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