Tell Them Not To Kill Me By Juan Rulfo Analysis

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I have always considered that the quality of a literary piece depends greatly on the way it is narrated. To understand the purpose of this essay we must first be clear about what the concept “point of view”, stands for in the literary world. According to our textbook, point of view is the perspective from which a story is narrated (Kennedy and Gioia 26). It has sparked my attention the particular use of this element in these two pieces. Juan Rulfo, author of “Tell Them Not to Kill Me” varies between a third-person perspective and a first-person view throughout the story and in contrast to Tim O’Brien, author of “The Things They Carried” who uses a similar technique but inversely. Most of the narration is from his perspective but sporadically uses the perspective of his comrades to narrate specific events, these are differences I will furtherly elaborate on. “Tell Them Not to Kill Me”, is a story about a man’s battle against his past and how his past chases him. Juvencio, our main character has been evading the law for around thirty-five years. The story initiates with Juvencio having an agitated exchange with son, this event, delivered from Juvencio’s perspective, arises from Juvencio being captured and tied to a post by the police. After this part, we switch to a third-person perspective where we learn why this situation came to be. “At first he didn’t do anything because he felt compromised. But later, when the drought came, when he saw how his animals were dying off one
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