Telluride Argumentative Essay

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Visual: A large village within the mountains is covered in snow and decorated with lights that is displayed in a snow globe. It is four degrees at night and the snow is falling slowly as it covers the roof of lodge cabins and shops. The snow globe has a mahogany structure around it. The structure holds the snow globe in place; it also has a golden plate with letters on the front. The letters are engraved within the plate, and it reads “Telluride Magazine”. The snow globe is sitting on a wooden table. Telluride, Colorado is defined by its location and winter scenery. Targeting audience with visuals: The Telluride magazine is targeting families who are seeking a winter vacation. It targets the audience with images of lodge cabins, mountains, and a ski resort. The lodge cabins consists of logs, hardwood floors, and fireplaces. The mountains differ in multiple sizes, and they surround the village. A huge ski resort is located in the village along with ski and snowboard shops. There are gondolas and ski lifts that lead to the top of the mountain and to the bottom of the village; another village lays within the mountains. One would…show more content…
Most families will find Telluride the perfect vacation spot. Children and adults can take ski or snowboard lessons, or they can enjoy other activities, such as ice skating, ice hockey, or sightseeing the villages and snow covered mountains. Trying an activity like skiing, can open an individual’s eyes to a fun winter experience. For example, one can unlock his or her hidden potential in skiing. The experience will leave the individual content with his or her visit. Viewing Telluride’s beautiful, snow-filled scenery through the eyes of an individual who have experienced a winter wonderland, can change a person’s life. This vacation defines optimistic families who want to explore a new
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