Temp-Ban People Threats: Case Study

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Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people Threats & DDoS Threats: I personally take all threats seriously, I don 't know about you but I know how annoying it is to get publicized online with your information out their to the public and not able to come online for a while, It is annoying. I will say that DDoS threats only happen because people are annoyed because the victim has done something wrong or the suspect is jealous because the suspect has got something that the victim hasn 't got, even threats as "I 'm going to come to your house and kill you" is a threat and I would still follow staff procedures to prosecute the suspect with evidence. Staff impersonation doesn 't harm anyone right? As it 's a rule, guidelines must be followed. So I would warn the suspect who is doing this if they…show more content…
Player drama - Is annoying for everyone, chat starts getting spammed, then it becomes a hassle for the staff, So what I would do to start of is tell the suspect to watch their actions while they on the server and to try and keep the arguments to a minimum and ask whats the issue if two,three people have just fell out, I could consider asking them to just /ignore the suspects who are starting on the victim, I could even try and get them all on team-speak and sort out their issue while their on the team-speak but I will keep considerate and tell them to consider their actions so no server actions such as a mute, is taken. Staff should be able to do their job in peace, the staff member should be good enough to either take a small punish member depending on the situation, but in my opinion as I have a long temper so I could just mute them would suite me but depending on the staff member some staff members might be a big harsher. Advertising - It is a very popular rule for being broken, I know it wouldn 't affect this servers player-base but I would still peruse it and follow any rules, guidelines as I wouldn 't be a Mod I could screenshot and perm mute
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