Temperance Brennan Personality Theory

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Temperance Brennan, or “Bones”, is the protagonist of the Fox television series Bones. She is a forensic anthropologist and is among the top in her field. Forensic anthropology is the examination of human skeletal remains for law enforcement agencies to determine the identity of unidentified bones. It may also help to deduce a cause of death if a subject was killed. Brennan works alongside FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth to solve crimes. At the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, Brennan works in a lab aside other squints to solve difficult cases, including many murders. As one of the leading scientists in the nation, Temperance Brennan is one of the most intelligent souls. Her brain works by very rational means; she has a very scientific…show more content…
In terms of reciprocal determinism, people choose their environments. Temperance Brennan actively chose to become a forensic anthropologist and to work at the Jeffersonian Institute. Additionally, she made the decision to begin working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Personality shapes how we interpret events. Temperance Brennan is a fairly level-headed woman. She doesn’t have much fear in the world because she has a pretty good hold on her life. She has held down a good paying job and has now found a husband and can settle down to start a family. Brennan is less likely to perceive the world as threatening and more likely to perceive it as presenting opportunities. In terms of Brennan’s locus of control, she has highly internal control. She greatly believes that you control what happens in your life; you control your own destiny. Internals are said to achieve more in school, become more independent, less depressed, and to cope well with stress. Clearly, this is the case of Dr. Brennan. She achieved highly in school, thus earning her a stellar education. This allowed her to become one of the best forensic anthropologists in the country. As a foster child constantly moving house, she was more likely to do worse in school. However, she persevered and decided to take her own path. Brennan wasn’t going to let her criminal, abandoning parents define her future. Dr. Temperance Brennan had decided that she would decide her own future. She is definitely independent as she makes many decisions on her own. Brennan is shown to be less depressed as she has achieved great levels of success in her life - a nationally recognized forensic anthropologist and best-selling author. Lastly, those with an internal locus of control are said to cope well with stress. Dr. Brennan is constantly working on time-sensitive high profile cases that could induce great amounts of stress;
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