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The work in cold environment has a dual aim: realizing the activity planned and protecting the humans from hypothermia and other cold related injuries. Certainly, the same are the aims of winter sports, tourism and other activities in the cold. The human body can be considered as composed of two parts: a core body and a body shell. The core body includes all the vital organs in the torso and the brain. The thermoregulatory system of the body, controlled by the central nervous system, tries to maintain the temperature of the core body around 37 oC. Thus, the core body temperature is relatively unaffected by the environmental conditions (temperature, air velocity, humidity). The temperature of the body shell, which involves the skin and the superficial tissues, is not inform and below the temperature of the core body. The temperature of the shell varies at different parts of the body: approx. 34 oC at the upper parts of the thighs and approx. 28 oC at the hands. The temperature in the shell is used by the thermoregulatory system to adapt the body to the particular environment. In cold…show more content…
Though very promising at the beginning, it has been found that the tympanic temperature is very much influenced by the local cooling of the face (Livingston et al., 1983). The temperature of the esophagus is considered to be the golden standard for the temperature of the core body, but its measurement is quite difficult. The rectal temperature is on the second place after the esophageal, which can be used as a sign for the core body temperature. Its exactness is lower, however, but it is used in many field studies that involve human subjects and deal with human thermal comfort. Oral temperature is also frequently used, but it is influenced by breathing and its deviation from the esophageal temperature is higher (Gerbrandy et al.,

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