Temple Blend Haircut Research Paper

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How to Properly Perform the Temple Blend Haircut Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the wonderful world of barbering. Today I will be introducing you to the technique of blending. The focal point here will be the region of the temple blend. Some may refer to this cut also as a temp blend, temp fade, temple fade, or a blowout fade. Many people, even some so called barbers are unsure of how to correctly do a temple blend haircut. The temple blend is often confused with what is called a taper fade, or a Faper. The difference in the two is that a taper fade connects from the front (side) blend to the rear blend, where the temple blend has a disconnection from the front (side) to the rear, and in some cases there is no rear blend. This disconnect…show more content…
For this cut the main tools you will be using are clippers, clipper guards, trimmers, sheers, comb, and a brush. But you will also need your cape, neck tape, and a hand towel (because neck dusters are illegal across most of the 50 states). Sanitation wise, you will need clippercide. The clippercide is also used as a lubricant. Barbercide may be used as well, if it’s available. The barbercide is a solution used to soak your combs, and in some cases your sheers. But in this case you will stick to the clippercide. So you first want to grab your clippers and turn them on, then take the clippercide and spray the top and bottom of the blades, not the hand grips where you will be holding them. After you have sprayed the blades, continue to let the clippers run and work your side lever up and down. Next, give them a couple of light bumps against your palm, to rid the blades of whatever hair may be trapped between the blades. Afterwards, wipe away the waste, and turn them back off. Once that is done, you want to repeat those same steps with your trimmers, minus the working of the lever (because trimmers do not have levers). Now that you are done sanitizing the clippers and trimmers, you will move on to the clipper guards, comb and sheers. You simply want to spray them lightly with the clippercide then wipe them off with a paper towel, and this will complete the sanitation…show more content…
If the hair is long enough, use a comb or pick to extend the hair to its farthest length. Now that the client has been prepped; it is now time to begin the cutting process. (As a disclaimer, I would like to add that when cutting hair it’s all about quality. There is no need to rush, Take your time and do it right. Unless you are working in a fast pace shop, then speed counts, but only towards the money you can bring in.) Next, you begin with the outline or lineup as it is called. This is not the official lineup, but more so a guideline for the cut. Now with that being said, you will be using your trimmers for this part. You simply want to make a straight horizontal line across the top of the forehead at the base of the natural hairline with the blades of the trimmer facing down to the skin. You don’t want to press too hard, let the machine do its job. Then, to the left and right you will make straight vertical lines on the temporal hairlines. Keep in mind not to go too far into the hairline, you want to keep it as close to the natural hairline as possible. This lineup is to simply clean up the stray excess hairs that may be growing on the face or causing an uneven
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