Temple Grandin Is An Example Of Dedication

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Author’s Purpose: Dedication “The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice.” - Nathan W. Morris The common author’s purpose found in all of the pieces of nonfiction literature we studied in this unit is dedication. The definition of dedication is to devote wholly and earnestly to a certain person or purpose. This trait is important to the people studied in this unit because of the way they all were committed to their cause and determined to follow through despite great obstacles and challenges that may get in the way. Similarly, dedication is seen in our world through the way an individual strives to continue with a common purpose or cause because they believe in it fully and completely.…show more content…
To continue, dedication is seen in the pieces of literature in many different ways and levels. For example, Malala Yousafzai showed her dedication through promoting women’s rights and the ability to go to school even though she knew it was against the Taliban's orders. Likewise, the Little Rock Nine were dedicated to go to school and work to achieve integrating an all white public school. They were threatened and harassed but continued to stay loyal to their cause in attempts to show people all over that discrimination should not, and would not be tolerated. To continue, Temple Grandin showed her dedication to both learning and proving those around her wrong that she was indeed capable of great discoveries despite her Autism. Though she was frustrated often, she always kept working to achieve amazing ideas and designs to revolutionize knowledge about Autism. Similarly, Hannelore Wolff was dedicated to ensuring her family survived the concentration camps during World War II. Even when she struggled she always put her family's needs above all else. The use of nonfiction literature by authors can influence reader that it is possible to overcome…show more content…
Temple Grandin was diagnosed with Autism at the age of four. She showed very little attempts at communication and later was found to think in pictures thus taking things very literally. Though the doctors told her mother Temple may never talk, she simply wouldn’t give up on her daughter. Because of the amount of work her mother put in to get Temple to speak and achieve just about everything, that drive and commitment was engraved in her from a young age. With the help of a few other people, specifically Dr. Carlock, who assisted her along her path. “All you have to do is find a door and open it” is a phrase he told to her that stuck with her throughout her entire life. Whenever important changes occurred, Temple always found a door to walk through to commemorate this. Without the dedication of all of her teachers and friends, Temple never would have found her love for cows or developed her cattle dip system that revolutionized the world of cattle to what is used today. Along with this is the way Temple was able to open what was known about Autism. She challenged parents all over to push their children to achieve better because it can be accomplished with a bit of hard work. Temple Grandin was an amazing women who pushed the limits set for her in order to achieve tasks that even she didn’t know was

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