Temple Grandin Reflection

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I have watched a lot of inspiring movies and I would say that Temple Grandin is the most striking. This movie revolves around a woman named, Temple Grandin, who became successful despite having limitations due to her autism. She graduated as college valedictorian and she also completed her Ph.D. Furthermore, the movie also shows the importance of moral support and understanding to the persons with autism for their consolation and feeling of relief. I commend the movie for effectively showing how a person with autism or disability like Temple Grandin could overcome her limitations and eventually become successful. The movie clearly emphasized that the support, help, understanding, respect and acceptance of people are some of the vital factors that influence the persons with autism to be optimistic in order to have a positive outlook in life. This was clearly depicted through the use of the characters of Temple’s mother and Dr. Carlock. In the film, Temple’s mother, Eustacia, is portrayed as a determined mother who made selfless sacrifices in order for Temple to have a “normal” life. She made Temple realized that she deserved that normal life despite her disability. Eustacia also believed that her daughter can also accomplish great achievements and can conquer her frailty in order to have a successful life. In the last part of the movie, the important role of loved ones in overcoming any infirmities, such as autism, was also stressed out. Temple emphasized in her
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