Temple Grandin The Causes Of Autism

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Discover Magazine wrote, “Temple Grandin has probably done more to improve the welfare of animals at the point of slaughter than any human alive.” Grandin was born with autism, a common disease with no known cure. Grandin was discouraged from an early age with her father wanting to put her in a mental institution (“Biography”). Grandin currently gives speeches around the country about her life and autism, autism also has many symptoms which makes it hard for everyday life.
To begin , autism is defined as a disorder with the inability to communicate with others socially (“Autism”). Autism has no known cause, but there are several theories to how it is brought about. One believed cause is vaccines. Scientists have done research on the topic
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One of them is that people with autism have special interests (Montgomery 27). People with autism often have poor motor skills (Rodger 23). Autistic people also have a fairly hard time making friends (23). Another symptom is that autistic people show repetitive behaviors (10). One major symptom is heightened senses. This can make people feel uncomfortable (10). Children with autism may not show feeling through facial expressions, like smiling (10). Different people have different severities of autism. Some might be very mild forms of autism while others can be very severe (6). Twenty five percent of people with autism are unable to speak (6). Autistic children do not like to interact with other children and their parents (10). One major symptom is that autistic children have abnormal cell density in some parts of their brain. The cerebellum in autistic children have less Purkinje cells, which receive and integrate sensory receptions. Autistic children also have larger heads than other children. People with autism also have more serotonin in their peripheral blood (“Autism”). Forty percent of autistic people have average or advanced intellectual ability (Rodger 6). Autistic people like a routine or pattern and when that pattern is changed they become upset. People with autism also have exceptionally long term memories…show more content…
She now works at Colorado University (“Grandin”). Temple had an HBO series about her life. This series was nominated for fifteen Emmy awards, and won five of them (“Biography”). Temple was also included in Time Magazine’s top one hundred most influential people of 2010. She was placed number thirty one (Montgomery 12).Temple has currently written over 400 articles and ten books about autism and herself (9). Next Temple was inducted into the meat hall of fame (13). She has also received the National Humanitarian Medal from the American Humane Society. Her “squeeze machine” that she created while she was young is now used nationwide. Finally Temple was named one of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

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