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Talking about myself has never come easy to me before, talking at all has never home easy to me. I`m the girl that would have panic and throw up in the school bathroom stalls before giving a presentation on a book I read in the summer. The girl who always had to repeat herself or “speak up” because when I talked I just answered to people. I did not love myself in high school, how could I though? I didn 't know who I was. I didn 't eat, and when I did I’d make sure it didn’t stay in my system. I made myself so sick that by my junior year I was admitted as an inpatient to a residential facility in Philadelphia for an eating disorder. That became the beginning of my journey to learning how to love myself.

While all of my classmates were
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To help pay for school I got a job working as an Aide at a Nursing home, surprisingly I found a lot in common in working with the elderly as working with my babies at the daycare. They both require a lot of help and they both offer so much to learn from. I’m lucky enough to have gotten to know some incredible people before they passed away. So many of them have given me advice I am beyond thankful for. They all tell me to make goals, and go for them. Go through this life with no regrets. So here I am applying to Temple University. When I finished high school I was too anxious to apply to college, so I never did. I was too scared to get rejected so I rejected myself. I believed that people accept the love they think they deserve and that’s why I never accepted any love. Not only to I believe I am worthy of love but I make sure everyone in my life believes that as well. I’m not scared anymore. I’m inspired, I`m passionate, I’m ambitious and I’d be an excellent student at Temple. I’ve learned a lot of real life lessons and I know I have so much more to learn in my life and I’m ready to embrace them. If we had gone to school together you would not remember me or recognize me. The difference is now I talk to be heard, and nobody asks me to speak up or repeat myself. I make sure they hear me the first
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