Temporal Clause In Late Egyptian Language

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The meaning of Temporal Clause :a word that indicates that what is said in the maian sentence is valid at a certain time ( ) .
The Temporal Clause was used in dependent clause corresponding to English " when, after,as soon as " something (has/had happened).
The time of action of Temporal Clause was always anterior to the time of the action of main clause.
The Temporal Clause normaly preceded the main clause. ( )
The Temporal Clause one of Non_durative Conjugation "Temporal form , The limitatve form (until), The cinjunctive form, Not ……Yet form ". Although The Temporal Form is one of the most important topic in ancient Egyptian language, just one main articles was produced:
Klaus.B; 1965 “Temporal wnn in Late Egyptian” JEA Vol. 51,137-143.

Why The Temporal forms is Non_durative Conjugation?, Why the temporal forms is not common in middle Egyptian ?, what is the role of temporael forms in the narrative sentence?, What is the extent of the development from middle Egyptian to late Egyptian language?, there Is a Temporal virtual forms or not?.

The study will depend on the analytical method of hieroglyphic texts in Late Egyptian. The study contains four chapters:
Chapter I : Temporal forms in Middle Egyptian
Chapter II : Temporal Prep.+ pAy.f sDm / pA sDm i.ir.f late Egyptian
Chapter III : Temporal wnn In late Egyptian
Chapter IV : Temporal Preposition +sDm.f late Egyptian
Chapter I :
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