Temporary Staffing In Hospitality Industry

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Temporary staffing in hospitality industry
In the recent past, the fall in unemployment rate is accompanied with a significant increase in the level of temporary staffing in the UK (Maroukis, 2015). This helps to create the flexible job opportunities of short term nature in the hospitality industry. It is observed that, the trend of increase in temporary staffing of UK citizens as well as migrants is the same. The reasons for rise in temporary staffing in hospitality industry are multi-layered. Temporary staff in hospitality industry includes students, housewives and migrant employees too. Many organizations in UK help the students to find temporary work in hospitality industry during summer vacations in the UK (Rook, 2011). Many young employees
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Therefore, managers tend to minimize this cost by regulating the pay and adopting hard leadership style (Boella & Goss-Turner, 2013). As a result, the jobs in hospitality industry become low paying jobs enabling the employees to search for other options as future aspirations, which enables employer to hire the temporary staff. This is because, the purpose of hiring temporary workforce is to save the overhead cost (Garsten, Lindvert, & Thedvall, 2015). In addition to that, the seasonal need for labour in hospitality industry enables employers to hire the migrants or young employees as temporary staff (Jordhus-Lier & Underthun, 2014). For example, as a result of the increase in workload in specific time periods, such as Xmas time; there is a need for staff. However, these job openings are limited to specific time period, which are temporary in nature. Temporary seasonal need for employees is always there in the restaurants and bars in the tourist areas (Rook, 2011). Therefore, seasonal employment is of short term in nature, which refrains employer to hire the permanent staff to meet seasonal job openings. Beside the above reasons, some experts emphasize on the fact that, temporary staffing is essential in maintaining the dynamic and diverse workforce to provide competitiveness,…show more content…
According to this study, motivating potential score of temporary employees is significantly more than the motivating potential score of permanent employees (Hynes, 2015). According to this study the motivation potential score of temporary employees is higher because of, the core factor, namely desire of temporary staff to get converted into permanent staff. However, in the hospitality industry the temporary employees generally are not willing to make it a permanent job or a future aspiration in the hospitality industry as mentioned in the above explanations. Therefore, the measures needed to be implemented to remove the wrong perceptions in the minds of the employees regarding the careers in hospitality industry. Employees needed to be given information about the career path and the scope of growth in the company and to make the career choice in hospitality industry. Therefore, if above motivating factors implemented in the organization, it will elevate the performance of temporary staff significantly. However, the results vary according to the type of industry, the nature of work and the job profile offered to the temporary employee. Therefore, motivation of the temporary staff and the motivating factors applicable in the Grand Union are studied as

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