Temptation: Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

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“You can resist everything except temptation.” Temptation is the desire to do something, usually wrong or unwise. Willy Wonka, in the 1971 film, used his candy to tempt the children. He owned a gigantic chocolate factory and was a very busy man but he was getting old. Willy Wonka could not trust an adult with the chocolate factory, because they would most likely change his wonderful work and would do it “their way” not his way. He used the candy to tempt the children because he wanted to find a honest child that could keep his candy a secret and take proper care of his Oompa-Loompas. Charlie was the only one of all the children brought to the factory who was trustworthy and reliable. Just to make sure Charlie was the perfect child for his…show more content…
He took each child to a room filled with their temptations, which would require each child to overcome their flaws and face their consequences. Augustus Gloop was one of the children that had to serve a horrendous consequence. Willy Wonka brought Augustus to a chocolate river. Augustus could not resist the temptation and he fell into the chocolate river, then was squeezed through a pipe that the chocolate flowed through. Another child that learned their lesson was Violet Beauregarde. Violet loved gum. She even held the longest gum chewing record in the world. Willy Wonka tempted her by showing her a five course gum meal. Violet could not resist the gum and she was turned into a blueberry. Also, Veruca Salt was another child that had to face a consequence. Veruca was a greedy, self-centered brat. Willy Wonka took her to a room filled with geese who laid golden eggs. Veruca wanted a goose but Willy Wonka would not sell her one, this caused Veruca to have a temper tantrum and fall down the eggdicator. As well, Mike Teavee who loved T.V. so much he made it his last name. Mike was tempted by Willy Wonka taking him to a T.V. room, this caused Mike to transport himself into the T.V. Lastly, Charlie Bucket who was a poor, loving boy. Charlie was tempted by the bubble drink. The bubble drink caused Charlie and his grandfather to float up and almost be ripped to pieces by the fan. Luckily, Charlie and his grandfather survived leaving them as the last people on the tour. Charlie was the last child on the tour so he won the chocolate
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