Ten Amendment Importance

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The Ten Amendments(Bill of Rights)are really important. I think everyone should know and understand them.Here are all 10 summarized and easier to understand. Being a US citizen has its perks, but knowing the amendments of the Constitution is something every citizen should consider, especially the first. Freedom of speech is one of the most important. If people want to share their opinions on how the government is doing, they are able to do so without the fear of getting in trouble with the law. It’s also a way to defend one’s self from courts but in an unharmful way. Freedom of religion is another right to the amendment that is also very important. Freedom of religion is the choice whether a person decides to practice a religion or not. When people are allowed to have freedom of religion, it makes living in the US better due to the fact that not many other countries have this type of practice. Freedom of protesting is another important right that the first amendment contains. It protects the freedom to peacefully gather together with a group of people for social, economic, political or religious purposes. It also protects the right to protest the government. The Second Amendment of the united states give us the right of self-protection and safety, Society is safer when people carry guns because it gives citizens the ability to protect themselves from threats like criminals, such as violent intruders and attackers, as well as violent shooters. First the people
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