Ten Concepts In Nursing Research

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Ten concepts will be considered from the 12 modules in subject (4) research and nursing research. There will be identification of each concept with a critical analysis of each. Related research work will be looked into, how it applies to my current job, and their usefulness to the current world.
Concept of research methodology was taken from module 1 under introduction to research, as well as scope of nursing research , concept of evidence based practice was taken from module 2 and ethics in research . In module 3 nursing research was analysed, literature review was from module4. Research design was from module 5 and hypothesis was considered in module 7 . In module 8 is conceptual framework and data collection
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Clinical research is from acute to chronic care experience throughout life span. It involves health promotion and preventive care for individual, families and communities in different settings.
It is important for nursing research to widen the scope in order to have a greater impact in future. The aspect of health promotion and preventive care are very important because some diseases are better prevented than treated and while some changes are irreversible such as aging are part of human experience.
Health systems and outcomes research focuses on how health care delivery influences quality, cost and experience of patient. It evaluates both clinical services and systematic structures through which services are delivered. It controls cost of health care by having balance of personnel to provide effective and efficient care. Despite this, large number of people can still not afford minimal health care in U.S….
Nursing education research focus on more efficient educational processes, how to identify ways to incorporate technology in order to enhance learning, effective approach to promote lifelong learning. More research is needed in the assessment of the teaching-learning process and outcomes at every level of nursing
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Ecological observational study makes it easy to examine community, group or national level data and trends. The historical event disasters were made possible through research design and this could actually prevent further occurrence. This actually makes the world a better place.
A good research design will give good overview of people living in a community and being able to take any bad occurrence or endemic disease could be curtailed.
Conceptual framework increases the robustness of the standards setting process in World Bank account often being haphazard in nature before. It ensures the account is consistent and assists in the development of future standards.
Conceptual framework assist users to interpret information contained within financial statement as it provides the principle on which they are prepared.
Each national has its own standard-setting body for its conceptual frameworks but harmonising these frameworks is believed to be the priority in developing globally accepted standards. In theory conceptual framework drives the development of accounting standards.
10. DATA

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