Ten Different Characters In Maupassant's Boue De Suif

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Maupassant’s Boule de Suif is set in late 19th century France during the Franco-Prussian war and focusses on the journey of ten very different characters travelling from Rouen to Le Havre. The short story illustrates to us the long journey of the ten passengers by stagecoach and the tensions which arise between such contrasting characters. Through the use of a third person omniscient narrator, Maupassant introduces to us the main character of Boule de Suif and the nine other passengers sharing the carriage with her. The ten are all unique and are divided in terms of social class and political views. We have in the extract under examination, the scene in which Boule de Suif begins to form a bond with the others by sharing her food with them. Maupassant’s creation of the interesting character Boule de Suif and her relationships with the other characters is done through his use of effective techniques such as imagery, symbolism and tone. These techniques support the key themes of equality, fraternity and betrayal which are present in the short story.

Throughout the short story but specifically during this extract, Boule de Suif is described as a very desirable person. Maupassant’s effective use of imagery paints Boule de Suif as a thing which is very desired on the train during this scene - food. “elle devenait plus rouge qu’une guigne,”
This image of Boule de Suif as food is an especially effective one as in this scene the characters have just realised that none of

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