Ten Minute Play In Dan Dietz's Sure Thing And Trash Anthem

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Ten-Minute Play Analysis & Evaluation

Analysis is examining something in pieces and parts to understand it as a whole.
Evaluation is making a judgement, or a claim, and supporting it with evidence.

After reading the plays Sure Thing and Trash Anthem, I want you to analyze each play 's structure, characters, and dialogue; then write an evaluation of which one is the more effective play. Your paper should be roughly 2 pages in length.

Tiffany Dinh
Mrs. Love Hilliard
Creative Writing
24 January 2018
Literary Analysis
In both the plays Sure Thing written in 1998, by David Ives, and Trash Anthem written in 2003, by Dan Dietz, they depict two characters who live in a symbolic world of redos. Ives develops this relationship with a bell that allows for a “fresh start” every time it rings. While Dietz inserts new starts into the play towards the beginning and two more times throughout the story. The two plays both utilize a “new beginning” but Ives develops his play more effectively with the use of repetition, symbolism, and the development of his characters.
Repetition is powerful within a piece of writing. It can be used to emphasize,
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Within the play Trash Anthem, the two are already in a relationship and have reached the end. However in Sure Thing, it is the blossoming of a new relationship. Comparing the two plays, the characters are both believable because the reactions that come from the responses are how normal humans would react as well. Trash Anthem developed the characters by showing the “Woman” and her anger truthfully being a longing for her husband. But overall, Sure Thing had more development in character towards the end as Billy and Betty begin to get more excited as they realize they have a connection with things like “Woody Allen” and “Entenmann’s crumb cake” (Ives 12). This growing relationship can be contrasted with when Betty first met Bill and didn’t want much to do with
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