Ten Stitches Up To The Mountain Analysis

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Prompt: Use evidence from the entire text to support your answer to the following prompt about the theme of the story. Your response should be well thought out, supported, and written. The story ended with Abuelita teaching Isabel to crochet and saying, “Ten stitches up to the mountain” and “Do not ever be afraid to start over” Why is the choice to the end the story in this way, significant to the story as a whole?

In the Book, Esperanza Rising, a frequent saying has been used, “Ten stitches up to the top of the mountain” and “Do not ever be afraid to start over”. These sayings have two meanings, literal and metaphorical. Literal as in the zigzag technique in crochet. Metaphorical as in life’s highs and lows.
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At first Esperanza just thought of it as another technique to put in the archives of the brain after the lesson, never to be used again, but oh was she wrong. It pertained to all of life’s struggles and triumphs. This was all fun and games until this will actually be used in her life. From Papa’s death to the house burning down to meeting Isabel and her family and friends.
On page 51, this saying makes another appearance when the news that Tio Luis wants to marry Mama and take over El Rancho de las Rosas. In due time, Abuelita wanted Esperanza to finish the blanket to pass the time and reminder here of the lesson she taught her previously. Esperanza never knew this will have so much significance in the future.
Finally, page 160, Abuelita comes to California and says hello to everyone. Abuelita asked her the mountains and valleys of her experience of being an immigrant and adapting to a whole new lifestyle. Esperanza told Abuelita about what she thought of this lesson and she took it to heart and comprehended it well. That was the last time this saying has been used in the book so far. Can you find
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