Ten Ways To Survive 11th Grade Essay

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In high school, students are often stressed over numerous amounts of activities and homework. This stress can even be more pronounced in the 11th grade where everything becomes important. In the article, Ten Ways to Survive 11th Grade, the author does an outstanding job of giving tips to future students their Junior Year.
To begin with, 11th grade is the hardest year of all four years in high school. The ACT, PSAT and SAT tests are taken during Junior year. A large majority of students want to study additionally to accomplish a higher grade on these tests. These tests are important, considering it’s what all colleges and universities review to determine the opportunity for acceptance. Consequently, not only do these exams cause stress, but multiple Pre-AP and AP
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However, taking care of your health is important to be successful. The author suggests going to bed earlier and getting more sleep can help students have less stress. Additionally, exercising regularly and hanging out with friends can bring joy to your Junior year.
Likewise, doing your homework and listening in class may seem like a simple suggestion, yet can produce substantial results. The author suggests, “ To succeed in school, you don’t have to be brilliant. You just have to show up and do the problems and essays and reading you are asked to do.” This may be the simplest suggestion in the article. Overall, 11th grade will be over sooner than you can imagine. Junior year may be the hardest year in high school, on the other hand, it can be the most rewarding year when you receive an acceptance letter from the college of your dream. As much as students hate staying up late and being stressed, in their future, all their hard work will pay off and will be a distant
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