Tenacity: The Challenges Of Life

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What do people have to do to survive? Everyday, people have to try to survive the day, whether that may be physically, mentally, or emotionally. Life throws many things and challenges at a person on a daily basis, but how these challenges are dealt with determines how someone lives. Through tenacity, faith, and intelligence, one will be able to survive the toughest circumstances life puts them in. Tenacity is one of the most vital traits to have in order to survive in this world. Tenacity is the quality or act of being very determined. Having tenacity is having the drive to push through tough challenges, knowing that it will take hard work, but staying persistent with it. An example of this kind of determination and persistence, is in Kayla Montgomery. When Kayla was diagnosed with MS, her whole life changed. She decided she should run track, because her disease set her back from other sports. When she runs, she cannot feel her legs, and comes to an unusual stop at the end of races. She told her coach, “ ‘Coach, I don’t know how much time I have left, so I want to run fast — don’t hold back,’” (Crouse). At the beginning of her state meet race, she trips and falls, leaving her in last place. By having the determination and tenacity to not give up, Kayla slowly works her way back to the lead, and eventually wins the race.Having persistence and tenacity helped her to not only survive, but thrive as well. Tenacity picks people up when they are down, and helps people have the
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