Tennant Dental Practice Management Case Study

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The Tennant Dental Practice Management organization is an imaginary partnership healthcare management organization that has been in business for two years. Operating as a small business with both partners as the initial employees, has been sufficient until recently. After attaining three additional dental practices as new clients in the last two months, we recognize the need to hire additional personnel. While I have been operating as the primary consultant for our clients, I have additionally taken charge of all administrative tasks in addition to the bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities for the company. My partner and brother has been the sole IT professional and we both agree that it is essential to recruit candidates to fill three…show more content…
The Administrative Assistant job description and salary range are as follows; Performs administrative and office support tasks for both supervisors. Duties may involve fielding telephone calls, word processing, generating spreadsheets and presentations, and filing. Extensive software skills are essential, as well as Internet research and effective communication skills. Salary range will be $11-$14 per hour. The Bookkeeper job description and salary range are as follows; Creates financial transactions and reports. The creation of financial transactions involves posting data to accounting journals or software from source documents such as invoices to clients, cash receipts, and supplier invoices. The bookkeeper additionally reconciles accounts to ensure their accuracy. Salary range will be $18-$21 per hour. The PC Technician job description and salary range are as follows; PC Technician needs excellent problem-solving and customer-service skills, as well as thorough knowledge of PC hardware, software and network connections. Typical duties include installing, configuring, and maintaining desktop and laptop PCs and all associated peripherals, installing and configuring application and operating software and system upgrades, troubleshooting and repairing hardware and network connectivity issues, and removing outdated equipment and performing data migration to new machines. Salary range will be $21-$25 per
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