Tennessee Williams: A Personal Epic Myth

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Williams is telling an epic story, of her spiritual quest, of her place in the world and how she fits into it as a woman and a woman of faith. Just like Odysseus and his journey on the long way home from war, Williams long journey is just as potent with struggle, healing and her retrieval of power from outside of herself. It takes on mythic proportions as she struggles with each scene and experience. Williams has created her personal epic myth. What an amazing tool for therapy, or just for daily practice in our lives. I struggled with the idea that in our world today we are able to create new myths, yet in Williams’s book, she has shown that it is possible and healing to do so. I did not realize I understood this until I was writing this paper.…show more content…
In the time of the ancient Celts, the Gauls, the Vikings, in places like the middle East, and in ancient Mesopotamia, the Sacred was all arounds us, the Sacred was in us. In his book One River, Many Wells, author Matthew Fox, page 239 quotes a hymn to the God Ptah, from ancient…show more content…
It includes all of our Shadow, our ego, our connection to the collective conscious that Jung speaks of. In my third journal I questioned if humankind has the ability to rewrite myths and
Archetypes to be able to change the story of our Collective Conscious and after processing the readings and the discussions from the class I have to say I believe we do. If our numinous experiences filter up from our Self, receiving wisdom from our Collective conscious, then I believe we can change our stories not only on a personal level but on a collective level as cultures and as a society. This is a concept that is huge and is mind-blowing. Can we, human kind take an evolutionary step and change the future outlook for ourselves, our planet of which we are a part and change the destructive path we are on, by creating new myths, that see ourselves as one with nature and sacred, thus forming a new Collective Conscious? If we see ourselves as part of the universe instead of separate from it, will our vision of Manifest Destiny change? Heaven and Hell is what we make it, we live it daily. It is my hope to see us change our view of Heaven and Hell from the separate place of ‘out there’, and bring it home to embrace them with in our souls
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