Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire

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Tennessee Williams, the man most famously known for his plays that depict everyday tragedies of life in a fantastic and glamours way. Some of his most famous works are "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Glass Menagerie." Within "The Glass Menagerie," there are many instances of symbolism and reoccurring themes. The most common of themes, 'unmet desires ' is the most prominent theme in the play. This theme provides the basis for all the drama and symbolism that is contained within the main plot of the story (Williams, Tennessee).
Born in Columbus, Missouri, in 1914, Thomas "Tennessee" Lanier Williams began his poetic journey. Williams ' life in Columbus was short lived once his father took a job at a shoe factory in St. Louis, Missouri
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Like many literary works, The Glass Menagerie, is a Family Drama. Drama is the use of moods, and tones that give a serious effect. A Family Drama is a dramatic action that occurs within a family. In this case, the drama occurs in the Wingfield family. The mid twentieth century gave way to several works showcasing a broad overview of literary genres. One of the most popular however, is the genre of Drama ("JiffyNotes"). As was many times the case, the writers would depict their own lives as the subject of the stories they were writing. Many authors found that writing about their own lives in a fictional way, in a sense, made their problems seem fictional. Which led to the birth of many of the stories that are now considered…show more content…
The Glass Menagerie made its way to the top of the literary world as many critics gave the play an incredible review. The play was deemed, "The Memory Play," as it was depicted through of series of flash backs from the perspective of the main character, Tom Wingfield. The play is narrated by Tom, who also plays himself. By playing both parts, the memories he relives are shown the way he remembers, not in an objective manner. This causes a mood that is reminiscent of a family drama. As the story begins, the reader is introduced to Tom 's mother, Amanda, as well as his sister, Laura. Amanda, portrayed as Tom remembers her, is a very dominating and opinionated character. In contrast, Laura is a shy and delicate person who seems to have the majority of Tom 's favor. Laura, being as shy is she is, spends most of her time admiring and adding to her glass figurine collection. Her favorite figurine is a glass unicorn. Williams is making the connection between a mythological animal, which is rare even in the mythological world, and Laura 's personality. This shows that like the unicorn, Laura is a creature that does not belong in the social based world around her. The family 's income rests on Tom 's job at a shoe factory. As there is normally drama within a family, Amanda 's dominating personality causes an excess amount as she constantly puts pressure on her son to provide for the family. The pressure has rested on Tom 's shoulders ever sense his father abandoned the family
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