Tennis Elbow Benefits

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Tennis elbow is a painful condition that strikes more people than tennis players. Anyone who regularly performs repetitive bending activities with their elbow (such as canoeing) experiences this problem. And they 're often told about the following cures and treatments. Unfortunately, these treatments aren 't always effective. Some don 't work at all.

Why Braces Don 't Help

Bandages and braces are often used when treating tennis elbow. The reasoning makes a certain kind of sense: if hurts to move your elbow, so you keep it still. However, tennis elbow is not a broken bone, a sprain, or a strain. No muscles are torn and no bones are impacted.

Instead, tennis elbow is a form of tendinitis, which means it is an injury affecting your tendons. Tendinitis is a more slowly progressing condition and keeping your
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However, you shouldn 't completely discard the effectiveness of ice as a short-term or temporary pain management tool. In the beginning, it helps reduce inflammation, but it shouldn 't be used for more than a day or so.

Why You Should Avoid Cortisone Injections

People with tennis elbow have long turned to cortisone injections to help alleviate the pain. This substance seemingly decreases the pain of tennis elbow, but this is not only a temporary solution: it 's a misleading one. That 's because recent findings have found that cortisone injects don 't actually help tennis elbow.

In fact, they may actually hurt it. While cortisone helps with the initial pain and swelling, when it wears off after a few weeks, the pain of tennis elbow returns.

It appears that cortisone actually causes a decreased production of cells in the elbow, which leads to a more inefficient healing response. As a result, the tendinitis gets worse as more tendons begin to get affected.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of why these treatments are not recommended. The best thing you can do when you 're feeling tennis elbow pain is to go to an orthopedic doctor and discuss

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