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Power tennis racquets enable players hit the ball with less effort but more aggressively. Therefore, these types of tennis racquets are often categorized and recommended for those players who have not yet developed the proper technique, skill and form to help them generate their own power. Their features include: large in length, an oversized head, stiff frame and lighter construction. An oversized head often works well because the bigger the head the more power the racquet will provide. The bigger it is, the more spring it has, thus the more power it can provide. The length of a tennis racquet can also affect a racquets power. The longer the racquet the more leverage a player has when swinging, which allows the player to have more power.…show more content…
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Tweener Tennis Racquets
These racquets are great all-around racquets which provide players with power and control. This type of tennis racquet is a common choice for recreational players as well as beginners and younger players who have outgrown their existing racquet and are looking for a bit more control. Its features include: mid-sized length, mid-sized head, semi-stiff and Mid-weight construction, though typically airing on the lighter side. Based on these characteristics, tweener racquets are a versatile group of tennis racquets with many options to fit a variety of skill levels and playing styles.
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TENNIS ETIQUETTE; the Unwritten Rules
You should not do anything that will distract either player.
If you make a date to play, be punctual.
When walking to a court, proceed quietly outside the fence to the gate that is closest to the court to which your are going. Wait until the game in progress on the adjacent court is over, and then walk quickly past the court to your court.
In tournament situations, wait until the game has ended before entering a court beside a game.
Greeting your Opponent- Before you play, greet your opponent in a friendly way. The spin of the racket should be completed before going onto the court to warm up.
Serving and Receiving- The server should wait until the receiver is ready before serving both the first and second serve.
Keeping Score- Both players should keep the score accurately. The server should announce the point before serving each point.
When to play a let- When one of your balls goes astray on an adjacent court, wait until the point in progress on that court is over and then ask for help retrieving the

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