Tensile Testing: A Lab Report On Tensile Testing

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Tensile Test Lab Report

To: J. Doe
Contract Officer
Engineering Products Corp.
Anywhere, KY
Date: 15th OCTOBER 2014

Executive Summary:
Tensile tests are carried out to enable us understand the properties of different materials and how they behave when under load. In the lab we tested two kinds of metal. Two aluminum (Ax and Ay) and three steel (Sx, Sy, and Sz). We used two machines: a servo-hydraulic load frame to determine the yield strength and ultimate tensile strength and the Rockwell hardness to determine the hardness. The data for each alloy was well recorded after every test done.
We used the following formulae in this lab:

Area reduction Elongation
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It had the highest elongation of 31.8% followed by material #Sz (steel) which had 25.5% elongation, material #Sx (steel) was ranked third with elongation of 15.96%, in the fourth place was material #Ay with elongation of 16.26% and material #Sy had the lowest elongation of 0.404%. From the tensile test carried out, we proved that material #Sy is the most brittle material. We did hardness test five times and hereunder are the average results shown in table

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