Tension In James Clarence's Short Story 'August Heat'

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A bundle of Mexican families grows up with their parents or grandparents telling the kids scary stories, or some of the scariest experiences they’ve been through. Honestly who doesn’t pick up the chills when hearing these stories? Hearing stories are one concept, however reading about them can be even scarier. It all depends on how the writer tells it along with how he or she indicates the story to make it extra horrific furthermore compulsive.“Suspense is the uncertainty or anxiety you feel about what will happen next.” (Source 1 Sent.16) In the story, “August Heat” the author creates a load of tension which is dark, hot as well as foreshadowing.

This story is in first person on which James Clarence is the main character who apparently is independent in life since his little sister died.“A horror writer may signify to suggest a frightening event that awaits a main character” (Source 1 Sent.19-20). It was clearly summer season considering as how described in the story the weather was ridiculously hot. “I had just made up my mind that the coolest and most comfortable place in the neighborhood would be the deep end of the public swimming bath, when the idea came”(Short Story 18-20). He then began to draw, although his drawing wasn’t a happy drawing that was to be expected, it was in addition of a unique and a scary drawing the way he described it. He then crumbled the drawing as a consequence, put it in his pocket moreover left home happy. This makes the reader wonder if maybe the weather could have been causing all this as a result of when it is hot, most of the time people’s mood kicks in.
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He turned round as he heard my steps and stopped short. It was the man I had been drawing, whose portrait lay in my pocket(Source 2 sent.
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