Tension In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, is a novel about a group of young British boys who are stranded on an island after their plane is shot down. The boys come across multiple disputes that split the boys amongst themselves. These disputes come up multiple times over the course of the novel. One of which being the fight over the leader of the boys. Some believed the leader should be Jack while others believed it should be Ralph. Ralph, the leader of the civilized group, and Jack, leader of the savage and bloodthirsty hunting group. Golding reveals the growing tension between the civilized boys and savage boys in three important moments throughout the book: when the signal fire is allowed to go out and a boat passes…show more content…
It comes up when Jack and his hunters let the fire die out, causing a ship to pass by without a smoke signal showing the boys distress and results in the group of boys to miss a rescue opportunity. This key moment is important because it marks the first conflict between the civilized and the savages in the novel. Ralph’s priorities are to create shelters and maintain a signal fire going in order to have a chance at being rescued. However Jack’s priorities are to hunt meat for the boys and have fun. Further conflict is created when there is a heated argument and piggy is in the line of fire. This event reveals a clear difference between the savage and the civilized as Jack uses violence, whereas Ralph suppress ' his anger. Ralph is able to hide his spite for Jack whereas Jack reverts to violence on others. This argument even further prevented the boys’ rescue because they were not maintaining a signal fire. If the fire had been kept going then this first dispute would not exist and not have grown and developed through the…show more content…
Jack and his boys steal Piggy 's glasses from the Piggy and the civil group, in order to create fire to cook the meat on. This moment is important because it proves that the boys are acting out as savages and animals instead of humans. This show of themselves also reveals the greed and incorporation of the savages as they resort to theft. This shows a large difference between the savage and the civilized, as Piggy and Ralph would have approached the situation very differently, asking for the glasses back rather than going off to steal them. If this conflict had not happened, the climax would not have been possible because the civilized boys would have never had to confront the savages about the theft of the glasses. This would therefore prevent Piggy 's death. Also, if the savages did not have access to the glasses, they would not have been able to start the fire that lit the signal, which resulted in the boys being
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