Tension In The Interlopers And The Lottery

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In the short story “The Interlopers” by H.H. Munro and in the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, the authors create the elements of suspense and tension by using these three literary techniques: Pacing, Setting, and Irony.
The first literary technique that I will be discussing is pacing. When both stories were approaching the climax, the pacing started to move slower and slower. In paragraph 4 of “The Interlopers”,it states; “The two enemies stood luring at one another for a long silent moment with riffles in their hands and hate in their heart and murder uppermost in their mind.” The pacing starts to slow down at this point because both Ulrich and Georg are staring at each other in dead silence. This builds suspense because they both have weapons in their hands so the audience doesn’t know what to expect at this point. As far as “The Lottery”, the pacing slows down at this
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In the first paragraph of “The Interlopers”, it states; “... a man stood one winter night watching and listening as though he waited for some beast of the woods to come within range of his vision and later of his rifle.” This created suspense because it makes the audience wonder if he’s hunting and if so, why is he hunting in the winter and in the dark? Tension builds as the paragraph progresses because the audience still doesn’t know who the man is and why he is standing in the outdoors. In the first paragraph of “The Lottery”, it states; “The people of the village begin to gather in a square between the post office and the bank around 10 o'clock.” This creates suspense because it makes the audience wonder why is the entire town gathering in a square around ten? The tension builds as the audience reads on and finds out they’re gathered for the lottery and they wonder who is going to win based on their perception of what they think “the lottery” is/will
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