Tenth Amendment Interpretation

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I am studying the tenth amendment and my interpretation of this amendment is that it is stating what rights the state's/government has over the people. The tenth amendment was incorporated into the constitution because the states and their citizens feared that the federal government would leave them with no power. The Tenth Amendment was added to the United States Constitution on December 15, 1791. This amendment was proposed by congress in 1989. The tenth amendment didn’t exactly confirm the amount of power given to the government and the state's’/citizens. The words in the constitution are “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to…show more content…
Representatives of two states petitioned for the wording to specifically limit the federal government’s power to those expressed within the Constitution. Such a severe limitation would deny the federal government implied powers needed to successfully complete its duties under the Constitution. James Madison rejected the idea, as he strongly believed that limiting the powers of the federal government would be impossible and the work that needed to be done would never get done. When questions arise over what the government is responsible for, what the states are responsible for, or any issue. For instance, questions about how important road signs should look is not mentioned in the Constitution so it is a state power. Policies on giving driver’s licenses is not mentioned in the Constitution so that’s why the law is different from state to state. The example of 10th Amendment limitations could be quite large, as the federal government is specifically granted a narrow amount of…show more content…
The tenth amendment is an amendment that most people don’t even know because it’s not like the first or second amendment which are hot topics in politics and presidential debates to this day. I believe that the tenth amendment is crucial to our country because if the government had all the power and the states and people didn't have any every state would be the exact same because the same people would make all the laws/rules for the country. The only reason that all of our states aren’t the same is because the states have power so they get to make there own laws on many problems. For example in the middle east three groups of people have taken over the whole thing so some countries have no powers, and 95% of the people have no
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