Tenth Day: The Allegorical Tale

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The "Tenth Day: Tenth Story" innovates upon the form of the allegorical tale by revealing complexity throught the characters Griselda and Gualtieri. Throughout the text, Griselda seems to be seen as a loyal and patient woman, yet on the otherside she has detached emotions with herself. For example: when Gualtieri makes her believethat her children are dead, she is emotionlessand is loyal to her husbands side. Additonally, the narrator employs complex characteristcs with Gualiteri as well. The ambiguity of Gualiteri 's persona with in constant change between his subjects and his loyal wife. In the begging he portrayed to be a fit ruler of the kingdom. As the story continues, Gualiteri begins to get more and more brutal and disturbed,which leads
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