Teotihuacan Research Paper

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I was born in Iquitos, Peru, South America and since childhood I have always been interested in Latin American culture. The richness of its natural resources, the physical and cultural geography of the region, its linguistic diversity, food, music, customs, traditions, lifestyle, and especially its history have always been very fascinating to me. I fell in love with history books, especially about Latin American ancient cultures such as the Mayas, Aztecs and obviously, the Incas’ mythology. I promised myself that someday I would visit Macchu-Picchu, Nazca Lines, Teotihuacan, and Chichen Itza. To date, I have been to Macchu-Picchu, Nazca Lines and Teotihuacan. My experiences were mystical, magical and unforgetable. I felt a charge of energy as I stood on Macchu-Picchu and wondered how this stone citadel could have been built on top of a high mountain. Needless to say, that when I saw the Nazca Lines from the sky, it puzzled me as to how they were drawn on the sand. It made me feel very proud of my Peruvian ancestors. When I visited the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, I was amazed at its architecture. It was incredible to see these archeological monuments still standing as proof of their existence as empires. I hope that someday I will also have the opportunity to visit Chichen Itza.…show more content…
Life became intolerable. There was no longer security. I was living in fear of having a car-bomb explode next to me, my house, school, work, stores, everywhere. They brought down the power towers and left Lima in constant blackouts. I had to keep a flashlight in my purse all the time. They shut-down the water reservoir tanks leaving us without water for many hours, and sometimes days. Thousands of people were killed due to these events. The terrorism in my country and my pursuit for a better education were the main reasons why I left Peru and decided to come to the United
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