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The Tequesta Indians were a small, humble and calm tribe. First tribe in South Florida and made Biscayne Bay their home giving them an abundance of plants, ani-mals and materials for the production of tools and crafts materials. Their power and dominance made them second among the small tribes of Florida’s southeast coast. The Tequesta were hunters and gatherers. They gather nuts, berries and plants. They also hunted sea life. Manatee was consider a special meal to them. The men were in charger of hunting and the woman in charge of collecting clams, plants and nuts.The good environment by Biscayne Bay helped them become thrive without relaying agricul-ture or farming. becoming one of the two tribes to do so. In 1998 an apartment was be-ing demolish in Miami, an archaeologist found a fascinating image. He asked the city to allow him to investigate the site before work was done. Its supposed to…show more content…
Some Archaeologists studied the fragments and found a few examples of dif-ferent types. Only some type of stone can be turned into tools, because they are frac-tured in a certain way. It means some stones should be only hit with another stone as a hammer. Shell tools were recognized from the Miami circle are woodworking. Made from an enormous variety of shells. One of them was the “chank shell”. Extremely rare to find in Florida. A lot of the shell tools were similar to wedges made of metal, gouges, ages found in the Miami Circle excavation. Pottery from the Miami circle were from simple un-attractive bowls, even tho some were decorated. The reason the tequesta tribe disappeared in the 1800’s is because they suffered diseases and a blind attack from the europeans;whom had showering with gifts like col-ored clothing.Since then two more circles were found. The Miami circle is considered a national park. Everyone should contemplate visiting this park and learn some of the city we live

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