Tequila Research Paper

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White, gold, anejo, reposado??? These labels are always seen on the label of tequila but what do they really mean? I know I pick by color thinking that the darker the tequila the stronger it is. I have always wondered how long exactly is tequila aged? And why is name tequila? I know we drink tequila to cure our deceptions of life but what else is tequila good for besides getting us all giitty or making us forget about a bad day? Since when has tequila been around? The Aztecs loved a fermented drink known as pulque, which used the sap of the agave plant. The milky liquid was so important to Aztec culture that they had gods in relationship to booze. The first was Mayahuel, the goddess of the maguey, and the second was her husband, Patecatl, the god of pulque. While there are a lot of theories on the beginning of agave distillation, a common story involves the Spanish invasion and primitive mud stills. When supplies of pulque began to run low, the Spaniards improvised with mud and agave, essentially creating what we know today as mescal. In 1873 mescal made from Tequila, Jalisco is now officially distinguished as “Tequila” to stand out from other mescals made in southern Mexico. There is various types of tequilas the most common are silver and gold label. Tequila silver also known as…show more content…
For example when we think alternative energy we can now include blue agave. Agave is now identified as a potential biofuel source and a very good one, due to the fact that it’s not edible and it grows great in the dessert. We may be one day pumping tequila at the pump. The agave plant has long been promoted for the ability to help dissolve fats and lower cholesterol. Teqila in its purest form is a great sleep aid,not only is it natural but it is also chemical free. A small amount about 1oz to 1.5 oz. before you go to sleep can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more
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