Tequila Speech

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“Tequila sit. Tequila lay down. Come on Tequila, lay down. Good, now roll over – you can do it – roll over. Good girl, good girl. I love you so much baby.” As I pet her, she wags her tail jubilantly and she chows down on the bacon flavored dog treat I rewarded her. We then stand up, brush any dirt off ourselves, and begin walking down the block. As you can probably already tell, my prop is a dog leash. Yes, I have a dog, and her name is Tequila. For your information, my family did not name her Tequila. When we adopted, she was already named that and responded to it. And, personally, I think it was a super cute name. Anyway, I’m here to present to you my skill: dog training. From my years of experience, while not being officially…show more content…
In regards to leash training, the skills the leash holder has is crucial. You must assert dominance over your dog when he or she is on the leash. As I can model with the leash, you are in control of the dog when walking her, not the other way around. Do not let the dog guide you during a walk; you must (through strength), establish the path for the dog. To complicate matters, you must be extra precautious when confronting another dog or person. Personally, Tequila is highly protective and ready to attack any stranger at any moment, so I had to quickly learn to diffuse a situation before a fight arises. As you can see with the leash, I rein it in to decrease Tequila’s striking distance when passing another person or dog. With that, you’ve successfully learned how to use a dog…show more content…
In my experience, this skill comes through more diligence and patience. The key is to reinforce positive behavior, specifically when the dog goes bathroom outside. Every time the dog goes bathroom outside, use some word such as “potty” so the dog associates going bathroom outside with that word. As a result, when you say that associated word, the dog will know to go bathroom outside. Reinforcement of this can be through treats rewarded when he or she does go bathroom outside. However, if you discover a bathroom incident in the house, do not hurt or yell at your dog. The dog will not understand what they’re being yelled at for if it’s after the incident occurred. If you catch your dog in the process of peeing inside, then it is more appropriate to give a stern “No!” With these skills, you’ll be able to train any dog in the best way possible. Keep in mind that every dog is unique, but I’m sure you will be successful in your endeavor on taking on the responsibility of a dog. You will not be only saving yourself a headache with these skills, such as leash training, but you’ll be helping a wonderful dog. And who doesn’t love
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