Terence Crutcher: The Assassination Of Bill Whitaker

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On April 2, 2017, 60 Minutes aired the interview of Bill Whitaker with police officer, Betty Shelby. He questions the racial aspect of the shooting of Terence Crutcher. Specifically, he asked that “Was the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, a wrongful death -- influenced by race -- or the outcome of Crutcher 's actions?” His twin sister, Tiffany Crutcher, does not believe this her brother’s doing. As Ray Owens said, “Betty Shelby very likely viewed Terence Crutcher as a ‘bad dude’ Is she a racist? Does she, you know, have some ill will toward black people? I doubt it. But if she is like so many people in our nation, she assumes too quickly that a black male, especially out on the streets at night, is a threat and not a citizen.…show more content…
Is a suspect and not-a decent human being..” Shelby believed that Terence Crutcher was so suspicious, that she had to go investigate why he was there rather than help him because he looked like a “bad dude.” It’s almost a guarantee that if Terence had been a white man, Betty might not have been so aggressive in getting him to comply, she might not have been so suspicious of him, she might not have drawn her weapon because she would not have felt as threatened by someone that was nonviolent. Although some people believe that because Crutcher was noncompliant, he deserved to die, Tiffany Crutcher insists that her brother because he was not committing a crime in the first place, so he should not have even been approached by Shelby. Furthermore, Crutcher’s sister states, “The video showed

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